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    In Office Policies and Procedures for COVID 19:

    Our office appreciates your continued understanding and support as we continue to implement and update new policies regarding COVID 19.

    We now strongly encourage any unvaccinated clients or guests to wear a mask while in our office. Disposable surgical masks will continue to be available at the door when you arrive. We encourage all vaccinated clients and guests to do what they are most comfortable with in regards to masking, and to discuss each provider’s mask policy in session at their next appointment.

    If you do not feel comfortable waiting in the waiting area in light of this mask policy update, please let your provider or a member of our office staff know, and we can call you when your provider is ready to meet with you to let you know to come inside.

    We reserve the right to ask any client or guest exhibiting cold, flu, or COVID symptoms to wear a mask or reschedule their appointment.

    We are continuing to offer both in person and telehealth sessions, but we strongly encourage any client interested in telehealth to call their insurance company to determine whether telehealth is still being covered under their policy.

    If you have any questions about our COVID-19 policies, please feel free to contact us at 319-250-1267.