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  • Connection: A Powerful Tool in Overall Wellness

    This blog post is part of a series on connection written for Cedar Rapids Moms.  The original post can be found here.

    The importance of connection in our lives is often underrated. As humans, being connected to others helps us feel safer and reduces feelings of isolation and loneliness.  This results in increased relationship satisfaction as well as a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety. The physical benefits of human connection are well-researched and documented – being well-connected can actually lengthen our lives!

    What is Connection?

    It’s easy to fall into the mistaken belief that living in a more “connected” world through the internet and social media, that we are connecting. In reality, these platforms often serve to further disconnect us by decreasing opportunities for deep connection with the people closest to us.

    So what is connection, anyway? It’s difficult to define, but we all know it when we feel it. Think about the last time you were with someone and you felt aligned. Maybe you felt really seen, understood, heard, or validated. Social connection brings us a sense of belonging. Often, in order to experience social or emotional connection we have to allow ourselves to be seen and heard, and this requires great vulnerability.

    Connection Changes Over Time

    Another important element of connection to consider is that it is quite normal and expected for this to ebb and flow over time; in other words, there will be variance in the degree and intensity level of t he connection that your’e feeling in any of your relationships at any given time. Today you might feel deeply connected with your best friend, but next week you may experience some disconnection in the very same relationship. While this can feel distressing, it does not mean that the relationship overall isn’t healthy, loving and supportive.

    Connection with the important people in our lives can be something that requires intention and commitment. The past couple of years have left many of us isolated, disconnected, and in survival mode. It can be hard to know where to begin to reconnect with ourselves and the people we care about, but this element of our lives is so important to our overall wellness.

    Over the coming weeks, we will bring you practical ways to intentionally bring connection to your relationships with your children, your partner, and yourself.  Stay tuned each week for a new post.