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    Maternal Mental Health

    Exhaustion.    Love.   Loneliness.    Joy.    Guilt.    Fear.

    However you describe it, there’s no denying that motherhood is HARD. Most of us encounter similar challenges, and yet it can feel like no one understands you.

    Did you know that up to 60% of birthing people who experience depression and/or anxiety during pregnancy or postpartum do not seek help? At MWR we are committed to changing this statistic. All mothers deserve the support and opportunity to be the best they can be.

    That’s why we focus on three separate areas included in perinatal mental health:

    PRENATAL (the time during pregnancy, thinking of pregnancy, or actively trying to conceive):
    Anxiety and intrusive thoughts often begin during pregnancy. In addition, if you have previously experienced a postpartum mood or anxiety disorder, high-risk pregnancy, or a highly stressful birth, thinking about re-entering this stage of life can be very stressful. Seeking help during this time can help to ease your transition into motherhood.

    The road from planning a pregnancy to delivering a child can sometimes be long and difficult. If you have experienced challenges with conceiving, pregnancy loss, or infant loss, you may be feeling hopeless, fearful, and devastated. You may be afraid to hope for the best going forward as this feels like it’s opening you up to more hurt. Therapy during this time can provide you with support as you grieve and consider your path for the future.

    POSTPARTUM (the time after childbirth through the first two years of your child’s life):
    The adjustment to motherhood (whether it’s your first child or your tenth!) can be stressful, overwhelming, and lonely. Many parents find that this adjustment is further complicated through highly-stressful or traumatic birth experiences, NICU stays, and societal expectations and pressures.

    At MWR, we believe it’s important to have specialized training in the area of perinatal mental health in order to meet your needs, which is why a number of our providers have gone through extensive additional training in this area through the Seleni Institute, Postpartum Stress Center, and Postpartum Support International.

    Whether you are having difficulty coping with your birth experience, feel depressed, anxious, or highly irritable, or are having a difficult time with adjustment to life with a new baby, help is available.

    Maternal Mental Health services at MWR are provided by:

    Shannon is certified by Postpartum Support International as a Perinatal Mental Health Professional. She has extensive education, training, and experience in working with many aspects of perinatal mental wellness, including prenatal and postpartum mood/anxiety disorders, pregnancy loss and bereavement, birth trauma, adjustment to motherhood, and couples issues related to adjustment and parenthood. Shannon has completed training through Postpartum Support International, the Seleni Institute, and onsite at the Postpartum Stress Center. She helped found the Iowa Chapter of Postpartum Support International. Additionally, Shannon provides local training opportunities for mental health and birth professionals on aspects of perinatal wellness. Shannon works closely with the clinical team at MWR in order to promote their ongoing knowledge and skill working with the perinatal population. Her current clinical focus is on training and consultation. You can learn more about Shannon here.

    Molly Martin is experienced in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and in supporting adjustment to parenthood. Molly has additional training in trauma-focused approaches to address stress related to childbirth, pregnancy and birth complications, and NICU experiences. You can learn more about Molly here.

    Erin Thiemann especially enjoys working with new or expectant parents as they navigate the transitions surrounding the perinatal period. Erin has participated in additional training to support parents in finding balance, feeling grounded, being present, and re-establishing their individual identity within their “new normal.” From the struggles of infertility, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, traumatic birth experiences, perinatal loss, to the ongoing adjustments to parenthood, Erin incorporates techniques to empower and honor her clients as they navigate this period. Erin is currently under the supervision of Shannon Wilson. You can learn more about Erin here.

    Maternal and Perinatal Mental Health Services offered at MWR include:

    • Individual Counseling
    • Couples Counseling
    • Group Therapy
    • Support Groups
    • Seminars/workshops/classes
    • In-services/education for professionals working with perinatal women
    • Professional consultation
    • Perinatal specific supervision
    • Public speaking