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    MWR’s Ask Me Anything: Do You Care Where I Sit?

    By Kristin Cannon

    When beginning (or continuing) a therapeutic journey, it is SO important for you to be comfortable, not only with your therapist, but also in the space you will be in. Some people likely wonder where they should position themselves when they get into their therapist’s office. 

    Speaking for myself as a therapist, the answer I would initially give is, “Be wherever you feel comfortable!” If you want to sit on the couch, do it! If you’ll be more comfortable sitting on the floor, I love that for you. If a chair is going to be better for you, I have a few of those in my office that I’d be happy to share!

    However, I can also share the most typical seating arrangement that plays out in my office when clients come in for therapy. For context, my office is pictured below. At MWR (and in most therapy settings), a clinician’s office will include a chair and couch, along with a computer desk with a chair, shelves, and sometimes a table. 

    During most sessions, I will sit in the chair (in the office picture it’s the gray one on the right side) and the client will sit on the blue couch. In my office, at least, there are a few reasons this tends to work out well:

    1. I encourage my clients to be comfortable during sessions, which can definitely include laying down, arranging the pillows, and sitting in any way that will help you feel good and safe. In general, it’s easier to do many of those things on the couch (though the floor could also work).

    2. I will often have paperwork, notes, resources, and all sorts of things that I might use or reference on the small table next to the chair. I usually sit in that chair so I have easy access to all of those things. I will almost always have my coffee cup on the window sill by that chair, and I really like to be able to reach my coffee easily as well!

    I think that most clinicians would agree that they have a “spot” where they usually sit in their office, as well as the spot that clients usually sit. But it is also so important to us that YOU feel good and safe during your session, so we want you to sit (or stand up or lay down) wherever you will feel the best.

    ~ Kristin