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    MWR’s Ask Me Anything: Who Can I Bring With Me to My Session?

    by Laura Crow, LMSW

    Is it cool to bring my child? My dog? My partner?

    At MWR, we understand that even in individual therapy there may be times when you might want to bring someone with you. Children in arms (AKA kiddos who aren’t yet independently mobile) are welcome to join you in session. However, we ask that older children do not come, so that you are able to have a focused session and that your children do not potentially overhear sensitive conversations. Other adults, such as a partner or family member, are welcome to join you in session when the focus is still your individual therapy and not the partnership or family dynamic. For example, if you would like to have your partner attend your session to help learn co-regulation techniques when you’re experiencing a panic attack, that works! But having your partner attend so you can talk about relationship concerns would be setting up a separate appointment with a different therapist. If you’re ever unsure, don’t hesitate to talk to your counselor – they can help you figure out the best answer for your individual needs.

    Unfortunately, pets are not able to attend in-person sessions, unless they are a service animal. We understand that pets and emotional support animals are a wonderful and often hugely important part of clients’ lives, but due to the nature of an office environment we cannot allow them to attend sessions with clients. For example, other clients in the office may have an allergy or a fear of the animals and their presence could negatively affect the other client. 

    If you’re wondering about bringing someone to your sessions – talk to your counselor about your specific circumstances. They can help you figure out the best answer for your individual needs.